Best places to visit in Costa Rica


What is Costa Rica known for? It is a near-equatorial paradise with hot weather all year round. Hot weather and humidity in the tropics are a combination that explodes green everywhere where plants can grow. Plants become home and food for the fauna. Thousands of species of animals, birds, insects, and other jungle residents live here. The rich nature of Costa Rica has several other significant advantages. It has access to two oceans, underground springs, and even a volcano. Read our article about things to do in Costa Rica – one of the best tourist destinations!

Puerto Viejo

puerto viejo

Puerto Viejo is the main beach town in Costa Rica. It combines Latin, Caribbean, and Indian cultures, which provides a concentrated cultural experience within a single location. You can visit national Latin carnival parties, enjoy marine Caribbean cuisine and touch pre-Columbian American history.

However, despite the beaches and warm climate all year round, Puerto Viejo is often flooded with tropical rains. The weather can take you by surprise almost any day because the weather here is very changeable. These factors make the choice of visiting time irrelevant because you have a chance to get sunburned and soaked almost always. Nevertheless, it is better to go to Puerto Viejo from February to April, or from August to October, when the temperature is more comfortable.

Tabacon hot springs


Tabacon Hot Springs is thermal water, waterfalls, and swimming pools – the best that water can give for relaxation and vitality. The spa is located in the northern part of Costa Rica. The closest major city is San Jose. The resort is located at the foot of the former active volcano Arenal which we will talk about below.

The territory of the hotel is simply stunning: many bridges, passages, paths from one pool to another, cascades located throughout the hotel. All this is surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, carefully groomed flowerbeds, and trimmed shrubs. The water temperature in the pools is from cool to very hot, in which you will not stay long. Hot mineral springs cure some diseases and generally heal the body. In each pool, you will feel different feelings. Moving from pool to pool you can not only admire the beauty of the surrounding nature but also look into one of the bars. It is a great relaxation spot!

Arenal volcano national park

arenal volcano national park

It is the ideal place to feel the turbulence of Costa Rican nature. Here you can find underground sources, waterfalls, volcanoes, two oceans, and a wide variety of fauna. Several thousand species of animals, spiders, reptiles, and insects are waiting to meet you.

Arenal volcano national park is one of the best natural reserves of Costa Rica and is prepared for curious tourists. Many tourist routes pass through the jungle. A standard set of happy explorers includes a guided tour, beautiful photos, the opportunity to ride the liana, and even take a piece of lava with you.

However, it is still a severe terrain, and it is worth considering if you travel with children. Children under the age of ten can be difficult to overcome the jungle, so save such physical activity for adult tourists.

The heart of the park – the volcano is quite hard to see, despite its impressive size. Even in the dry season, it often hides behind the clouds. Consider it from the lowlands, where thickets and hills close it is not possible. Local, as well as nature, are not willing to show their treasure. Or rather willingly, but for a fee, because access to the most convenient and beautiful species sites is possible only for money. Nevertheless, the volcano charms with its beauty and makes you take photos.

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