Where the Best Pinot Noirs Come from and How They Differ from Each Other

Best Pinot Noirs

The graceful charm of Pinot Noir and its ability to express the character of the growing area paved its way to a wide variety of vineyards, from Western Germany and northern Italy to Chile, New Zealand, and the United States.

Pinot noir is the patriarch of the Pinot varietal family, which got its name from the shape of the bunches resembling a pine cone. It takes a lot of effort and skill to reach its potential of pinot noir. It is not easy to cultivate, and it gives outstanding results only at low yields (about 30% lower than, for example, for the main red varieties of Bordeaux). And the results would be striking in the breadth of the palette: from acidic and watery “candy” samples to some of the most aromatic and deepest wines on the planet. Let’s figure out where the best pinot noirs come from.

Finicky Grapes

As a grape, Pinot Noir is much softer and more demanding than Cabernet Sauvignon. It is characterized by a particular sourness and pale color in a glass. It is called capricious and complex (thin skin, sensitivity to weather, and tannin extract) and at the same time – the pinnacle of the professional path for both winemakers and sommeliers. A temperate climate and low yields are important for his vines but it can be difficult. However, Pinot Noir is able to produce incredibly deep wines capable of long aging. That is why it has not lost its popularity for many centuries.

Pinot noir is a master at reflecting terroirs. That is why it is preferred by experienced tasters. The light and delicate character of Pinot Noir wines, their rather high acidity, soft tannins, and multifaceted aromatics require a thoughtful attitude and inner readiness. After all, this translucent wine, through a glass with which you can read a book can demonstrate not only the aromas of rose, violet, strawberry, lingonberry, cranberry, cherry, or raspberry but also the characteristic tones of “undergrowth” – autumn leaves, pine needles, mycelium, smoke, wet wool, fresh game, and other animal shades. It’s unusual, but worth a try. For pinot noir, there is even a special glass – Burgundy. It has a wide, balloon-shaped bowl that perfectly captures delicate aromas.

Where Is Pinot Noir From?


Pinot Noir Argentina

It is a relatively new pinot noir region that sits along with the Rio Negro in glorious Argentina. The wines made here cost from 15 to 35 dollars, which is quite a pleasant price for this noble drink. It contains a lot of spices and has an intoxicating scent of black cherry. Argentine Pinot Noir brings the sun in the glass even when it’s not outside!

California Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir California

This is a rather popular growing area for Pinot Noir, which produces a delicious wine with aromas of raspberries and black cherries. Typically, the more expensive Sonoma wines are stored in French oak, which gives them a vanilla flavor. These wines would be slightly more expensive, so be prepared to pay at least $30 for them. Sonoma Pinot Noir is the perfect addition to a cool spring evening.

France Pinot

Pinot Noir France

Wines made from local grapes are in very high demand, as Burgundy is considered one of the best regions for pinot noir. The wines from this region have a tart cherry and earthy taste with hints of green stem for the initial price. They are one of the hardest wines to get into after drinking American wine, however, once you do they are excellent. Burgundy premier cru will cost you about $34. But believe our, every cent spent justifies itself with this luxurious taste and aroma.


Pinot Noir Germany

Also known as Spatburgunder, this pinot noir comes from the Ahr region. It is much warmer than other wine regions in Germany. An incredible Pinot ripens here with hints of plum, earth, and fruit. One bottle would cost you about $13 and is a great way to brighten up your day.


Pinot Noir Italy

In Northern Italy, beautiful Pinot Noir (you may also come across the name Pinot Nero) ripens, which also brings earthy notes as in France. But the difference is that here they become riper. Here you can taste sumptuous, rich, dark wines that are perfect for a warm spring day. As for the cost, everything is ambiguous here. You can find options for both $20 and $70.

New Zealand

Pinot Noir New Zealand

In this pinot noir notable region, you can find the darkest ones. They have a characteristic cherry flavor and an aftertaste reminiscent of baking spices and cola. You can find a good pinot noir for about $ 25. This exquisite taste will be a great addition to the evening of a cloudy day.


Pinot Noir Oregon

Delicious, light, and fruity – this is how Pinot Noir growing in this region can be summed up in three words. The flavor can range from cranberry to cherry to pomegranate. Wine from Oregon starts at $ 20 and its richness, accordingly, depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Pinot Noir in Chile

Pinot Noir Chile

The aroma of wine has tones of red fruits and berries (especially cherries and strawberries) are blended with earthy and mineral notes. The taste of the wine is delicate, but complex and concentrated, with a soft texture, well-balanced acidity, and elastic tannins. The wine is intense, very deep, and bright purple-red color. Ideal with oily fish, cheeses, risottos, light red meats, poultry, pasta, and spicy dishes.

With its variety of aromas and lively acidity, pinot noir goes well with a variety of dishes, from risotto to tartare. Obvious classics include mushroom flavor, especially when paired with cream, as well as game-like duck with berry sauce, salmon or tuna, and lightly cooked red meat like roast beef. When choosing a gastronomic pair, it is best to focus on the style of a particular region of production and the manufacturer’s recommendations, because there can be a lot of nuances.

It is impossible to guess this variety, but spending a few hours alone with it, enjoying the palette of aromas in a glass, or sharing a bottle of Burgundy with loved ones at an exquisite dinner is a real pleasure.

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