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Since the arrival of the phone, map apps have replaced many GPS devices that were very popular at the time. The traveling map apps have become better. The app’s many facilities provide access to all types of directions whether by car, on foot, by bicycle or even to get on public transport. The best mobile gps apps have become so powerful that they even give you train, subway and bus schedules as well as the most efficient ways to get to your destination. The only complaint these good navigation apps receive is the fact that it requires an internet connection. Fortunately, there are GPS navigation apps that work perfectly offline. Whether you’re abroad, whether your package does not give you access to data or whether you’re traveling in a white zone that your operator does not yet cover, you can always find your way thanks to our selection of the best travel maps available without an internet connection and on all types of devices.

Best gps navigation app

First of all, we propose you to discover the best phone gps apps that you can access for free on your Android, your iPhone as well as on other brands on the market. Then, we will propose you to discover top navigation apps which are paying but will help you to find your way by proposing an exceptional service.

Google maps

top navigation app

Google Maps is the best navigation app. It is present by default on all Android smartphones and has been on the market for a very long time. If you are looking for the best map apps, Google Maps is the reference when it comes to following a route while Apple Maps is just beginning to compete on the accuracy of its mapping. It is important to note that Google Maps works entirely online and loads maps in real time. This means that if you don’t have access to the internet connection during your trip, you will need to download maps of the area in advance. To do this, simply connect to the Internet and zoom in on the parts of the map that will be useful to you. In a few seconds, you can download the data of a complete country and use Google Maps without internet. You also have to be careful because sometimes some of the roads or regions on the map are only partially downloaded.


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Maps.Me is one of the top navigation apps with more than 120 million downloads. The advantage of this application is that it allows access to maps while being offline. It has great accuracy. You can easily download maps of the majority of countries in the world with full city information including street names and directions. This application also allows you to calculate complete routes depending on your transportation (by foot, by car or public transportation) and this even if you are offline. The service of the application does not stop there. Indeed, it also gives you access to the various services that are close to where you are. So you can easily find hotels, good restaurants, cash machines or transportation stations. For the moment, the application is completely free of charge. However, it does show advertisements that you can block by taking out a subscription. This also supports the creators of the application.


This application is one of the most popular gps apps that was inspired by the Open Street Maps platform. It will allow you to access maps of all regions and countries of the world. If you plan to travel all over the world, you can also directly download a backup of a general world map. This application is the closest to what gps used to offered in the past. It has the advantage of giving all the roads of the world with great accuracy. It works with an open source map system which is built with the knowledge brought by the community of the application. The only disadvantage is that at first glance, it can be more complicated to understand than other applications. But once you become familiar with this application, you can go anywhere in the world, on any road, and never get lost.

Here wego

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This application was previously connected to Nokia. It use a mapping software similar to the one found in BMW and Audi cars. It is the most complete Internet-free GPS application with more than a 100 countries maps to download. It also has the advantage of being able to give routes with a voice guide, which is practical for car journeys. In addition, it has the routes and schedules of public transportation in more than 1,300 cities. It also allows you to plan routes taking into account road works or roads with a lot of traffic.

In this article, we have presented you with different free GPS applications that you can find on your phone. They all offer many advantages that will guide you during your travels. If you want to opt for paid applications, you can also find excellent services such as Sygic, Copilot or Tomtom applications which all have the advantage of working without data.

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