Best Italian Restaurants in Miami: Here You Can Taste Authentic Italian Dishes

best italian restaurants in south beach miami

Perhaps there is no better way to experience the diversity of Miami than through its cuisine. The city is known for a wide variety of absolutely different restaurants, each with its specialties and special atmosphere. But what about Italian food in South Florida? We have selected for you a list of the best Italian restaurants in Miami so that you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and appreciate the special atmosphere of the establishments. We guarantee you that once you have been here, you will certainly fall in love with these places.

Top 12 Best Italian Restaurants in Miami

best italian restaurants in miami

Divieto Ristorante

Divieto Ristorante begins our list of the best Italian restaurants at Miami beach. This Italian restaurant is renowned for its exquisite, delicious, and hearty dishes. You will be surprised by the number of Italian dishes on offer – there are more than 70 of them, from real Italian pizza on a thin crust to the signature Ruota di Parmigiano. By visiting this restaurant you are immersed in the exciting atmosphere of Italian Mafiosi, all accompanied by pleasant music and friendly staff. The restaurant is perfect for a family meal or a romantic dinner with your significant other. Many people confidently call it the best Italian restaurant in Miami, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.

Macchialina Taverna Rustica

italian restaurants south beach miami

A restaurant that can only be described as “the best Italian restaurant in Miami”. Despite the very small selection of pasta (only 6 types), the taste of these pastes is simply amazing. The unforgettable delicious dishes of this restaurant keep visitors coming back again and again. If you are a tourist and still do not know which restaurant in Miami is worth visiting, then Macchialina Taverna Rustica is what you need. This is the restaurant that you will definitely be satisfied with. You will leave there not only well-fed but also full of happiness from the atmosphere you received.

Cipriani Downtown Miami

italian restaurants south miami

If we talk about the best Italian restaurants in Miami, then hardly any of the visitors to Cipriani Downtown will forget to mention this particular restaurant. Atmospheric design, delicious cuisine, pleasant staff, and most importantly – a wonderful view, all this makes people come here again and again. Cipriani Downtown’s menu most often includes healthy salads, a variety of seafood dishes, pasta, risotto, as well as delicious meat dishes. Also, the location of the restaurant deserves special attention. Cipriani Downtown is located in the heart of the financial district. If you are planning to visit the best Italian restaurant at south beach Miami, then definitely Cipriani Downtown.

Via Emilia Garden

best italian miami beach

Speaking of the best Italian restaurants in Miami, one cannot miss the beloved Via Emilia Garden. This is the place for you if you want to visit an exquisite Italian restaurant in South Miami. Via Emilia Garden is about only high-quality ingredients, handcrafted pasta, enjoying traditional Italian recipes in the great outdoors, and that’s not all. The main and distinctive feature of this restaurant is a small market inside the establishment where you can buy any ingredient you like. It is suitable for absolutely any occasion, from weddings and birthdays with a large company to a romantic dinner for two. Judging by the reviews, many come back here again. Isn’t this a reason to visit the best Italian restaurant in Miami Beach?


Many tourists mark this restaurant as the best Italian restaurant in Miami, and for good reason. Fi’lia invites its visitors to taste authentic Italian pizza from a wood-fired oven or pamper themselves with stracciatella with truffle honey. You will plunge into a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and the friendly staff will help you choose a dish based on your preferences. One of the best Italian restaurants at South Beach in Miami also offers a special Pronto Lunch from Monday to Thursday where you can enjoy a special lunch for only $19! So be sure to go there, perhaps you will become their regular visitor.


miami best italian restaurants

This Italian restaurant at South Beach in Miami will definitely surprise you with its atmosphere and design. The restaurant is open to the public while maintaining a sense of exclusivity. Here you can enjoy the minimalistic and sophisticated cuisine of the renowned Italian chef Sergio Sigala. The restaurant also offers its visitors a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. This place has a lot of positive reviews and is one of the most beloved for many tourists and local people. All this gives him every right to claim the title of the best Italian restaurant in Miami Beach.

Fiola Miami

best italian restaurant miami

Our list of the best Italian restaurants in Miami could not fail to include this restaurant. Real traditional Italian dishes made from local products from year to year attract tourists to this place. The restaurant also offers you different types of raw snacks and meat dishes from the wood-fired oven. The design of one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami Beach is surprising inside. The dining rooms, which you can book for a large group of people, are lined with large and impressive glass wine cabinets, creating a special atmosphere. You can also take a seat on the cozy veranda, but keep in mind that this is not suitable for buffets.


the best italian restaurant in miami

This is an Italian restaurant in South Miami with a modern take on traditional Italian cuisine. There are many interesting dishes to enjoy all day long. Among other dishes, Bellini also offers specialties, the recipe for which you cannot find anywhere else. The establishment has wonderful staff who are very attentive to the visitor. The atmosphere at Bellini is warm, light, and welcoming, which makes you feel at home here. Besides the excellent food, there is also a large selection of wines and spirits straight from Italy. And the cocktail menu at Bellini is well-thought-out. Italian restaurant at South Beach in Miami has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Ristorante Fratelli Milano

best italian restaurant miami beach

This Italian restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami that has been in existence for over 10 years and has many positive reviews and regular customers. The prices are reasonable here, so you don’t have to pay too much for delicious food. Despite the huge selection of dishes, each of them is impeccable in taste. This place is also quite famous for its hot takeaway dinner trays. These trays come in two sizes: the first is designed for 7-10 people, but the second, which is commonly called Full Tray, can feed 20 to 25 people!


best italian restaurant in miami beach

One of the best Italian restaurants in Miami Beach in the last decade. This restaurant even made it to The New York Times with a very interesting caption. Carbone was founded by Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznik and Rich Torrisi. The restaurant is famous for its talented chefs who do their job 100%. You can hardly find a better meal after trying the menu at Carbone Restaurant. For the entire period of operation of this restaurant, it has received many regular visitors, and even more positive reviews. So be sure to go there, perhaps you will become their regular visitor too.

Casa Tua

italian restaurant south miami

When it comes to the best Italian restaurants in Miami, Casa Tua should be mentioned. The restaurant is open-air, surrounded by a lush garden and a wonderful view. Here you can enjoy not only the best Italian food at Miami Beach but also sensual sights, smells, sounds. Everything that will surround you will be unforgettable. Casa Tua’s atmosphere is unlikely to be replicated by any other restaurant. You will feel right at home here. The service here is also great. The staff is attentive to the visitor, which makes it even more pleasant. So if you want to have a pleasant rest, then you definitely need to go here.

Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante

best italian in miami

One of the best Italian restaurants in Miami – Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante sets itself apart from other establishments with its interesting menu, which consists of mouth-watering Sardinian dishes that reflect the brilliance of the chef’s home island. Apart from one of the best Italian cuisine in Miami, the staff is just as amazing. For all the years of the restaurant’s work, Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante has received a huge number of positive reviews, which still appear on the sites. In general – this is exactly the place that is worth visiting at Miami south beach.

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