Best cities in Germany

famous cities in germany

Europe’s most industrialized and populous country is waiting for you with its landscapes and architecture steeped in History. Impressive cathedrals, medieval city centers, or mythological castles are so many things that shaped the lands of this symbol of the European Union power oriented towards the future.

So if you are planning to head up to the 7th most visited country in the world, as well as the 7th largest country in Europe; we made for you a list of the top cities to visit in Germany. Don’t wait to pack your stuff and discover the lands of Bach, Marlene Dietrich, or Albert Einstein.

Berlin, the Capital

Now a very trendy place with a strong underground scene, the German Capital is not only the most popular city in Germany but was originally built during the Dark Ages and was always the residence of the kings and emperors. Therefore, Berlin overflows with prestigious historical monuments such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag that the fire didn’t manage to tear down, the Schloss Charlottenburg, and of course the Holocaust memorial. Berlin offers a very dynamic modern life as well, and if the number of historical monuments is impressive, the number of nightclubs and bars in the city has nothing to envy to the strong history of the city. Central in the context of the second world war and the cold war, the city is a real testimony of the past, and the impressive painted wall makes it a must-see city in Germany, as well as one of the best tourist cities in Germany. Going to Berlin is discovering the vestiges of very important past periods while enjoying an exciting stimulating present, which makes it one of the coolest cities in Germany.

Koln, the northern Roma

Even though Koln is smaller than Berlin, it’s one of the most popular cities in Germany. Its reputation comes mainly from its famous beer! While visiting Koln, you’ll get to enjoy the Museum of chocolate, the majestic cathedral of Koln, and beautiful roman churches spreading all over the city. We recommend you visit this wonderful city during the Carnival occurring from November to February.

Munich, the Bavarian capital

Another famous city in Germany is definitely the Bavarian capital Munich, considered as the second Capital after Berlin. The city is as much esteemed by its inhabitant as by the numerous tourists coming every year to enjoy the very famous Oktoberfest. Visiting Munich is also enjoying incredible museums and big shops and commercial centers. With its architectural style oscillating between the 18th century and the 19th century, all the monuments of Munich are impressive! We recommend among others the Frauenkirche, the Viktualienmarkt et breweries such as the Hofbrauhaus-brasserie!

Dresden, Capital of Saxe

If you love History and are craving to discover new historical monuments, Dresden is your destination! Considered as one of the top German cities by the historian, this city is flooded with very famous historical monuments worldwide, such as the Brühl terrace, the Taschenberg Palace, and the Statue of King Johann! Dresden is one of the best cities to travel to in Germany as it gathers in its center a number of cultural wealth, so if you want to end your trip with a musical note, we recommend you visit all the cultural manifestations in the Sempre Opera.

Hamburg, the multifaceted city

popular german cities

With 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is considered one of the most important cities in Germany and one of the top German cities to visit. Between tradition and thrilling modernity, Hamburg has its own charm. By visiting this beautiful city, you’ll be able to discover its wonderful port, the Saint-Michel Church, its old tunnels spreading under the Elbe, and its famous fish market, the Fischauktioshalle.


Frankfurt city is the nerve center of the German Economy and therefore one of the top cities in Germany. Indeed, the city counts the number of banks and Bank Headquarters, which makes it the financial heart of Germany.

But not only this, but Frankfurt is also one of the top city to visit in Germany as it puts at your disposal a number of impressive historical monuments such as the Cathedral of Frankfurt, the medieval-style houses of the Dom Römer neighborhood, but also modern buildings and skyscrapers such as the Main Tower and its panoramic restaurant offering a stunning view over the city! A must-see!

Düsseldorf, a tourist city stretching over the banks of the Rhine

top city to visit in germany

Sitting proudly over the Rhine, Düsseldorf is one of the top cities to visit in Germany mainly because of the 7 historical bridges joining the two banks of the river. Those bridges made the city famous not only in Europe but also worldwide!

The city is one of the top German cities also for its various landscapes, joining Modernity with futuristic constructions on one side and historical patrimony on the other side with its old port, now part of the UNESCO, or the very charming old town.

Another very touristic attraction is the Benrath Castle, a masterpiece of the Rococo style, featuring two museums. Between culture and popular tourism, Düsseldorf has it all. The city is good as much for the young couple as for family and counts as well as numerous bars and nightclubs to fancy all your desires. The city counts a lot of small authentic breweries as well to feast like real Germans. We recommend you visit the city during the Rhenan Carnaval occurring every year from the end of February until the beginning of March, it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss!

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