Best beaches in Puerto Rico

beautiful beaches in puerto rico

The “Island of enchantment” (Isla Del Encanto in Spanish) certainly owns its nickname for being the great theatre of an otherworldly oasis, starring over 270 miles of coastline, and not far from 300 beaches, each one of them more paradisiac than the others. The little archipelago among the great Antilles is a real candy with its eclectic geography, home to stunning sandy trails, unreal turquoise crystalline water, and half-moon bays, that attracts every year tons of tourists, from the adventurer, the party lover, to the amateur of aquatic sports. Puerto Rico beaches cater to all tastes, and we tried (with great difficulty) to make a selection of the top ten beaches in Puerto Rico, for the pleasure of anyone’s fancy. Whether you prefer to rest on the sand, ride the waves, or explore the underwater world, you will find on this assortment the best beach to match your mood.

Tortuga Beach

Located on the small uninhabited island of Culebrita, the white sand-bay beach is accessible only by boat or seaplane. It’s one of Puerto Rico’s little treasure, far from an overcrowded beach party vibe, this little gem is perfect for those who have an underwater explorer soul. This deserted tropical paradise is worth a visit for its natural reserve of green sea turtles, breeding, and nesting on the island’s north end; you’ll probably bump into these beautiful sea creatures during your snorkeling exploration.

Flamenco Beach

In less of a Robinson Crusoe style, the private paradise of Culebra island is a haven of stunning beaches with one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico, Flamenco beach. Considered as the area’s loveliest stretch of sand, the horseshoe-shaped beach is ideal for family vacations, and bringing children there is not a problem as lifeguards are present on the site, and a number of facilities including bathrooms, kiosks, or even camping areas. With its postcard-like landscape, blue sky over your head, and never-ending turquoise water, you won’t resist the charm of this paradisiac location.

El Escambron

best beaches in puerto rico

Recognized over the years with the Blue Flag Awards classification, El Escambron has one of the most striking panoramas and is probably one of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico. Located in the famous Old city of San Juan, the place is ideal for families and features restaurants, hotels, and a recreational park, the “Tercer Mileni Park”, perfect for kids.

Isla Verde

Isla Verde, one of the most popular beaches in Porto Rico, is considered as the best urban beach of the Caribbean. Located in a short walk from night clubs, trendy bars, lounge, and casinos, the beach is a paradise for youngsters and party lovers. Watersports lovers will find also themselves there, the beach is perfect for parasailing, jet skiing, and surfing.


In a less touristic vibe, Montones beach, located on the island of Isabela, is probably one of the nicest beaches in Porto Rico and the temple of a quiet and peaceful stay. Family fancied destination, the depthless natural pool of the beach offers a safe environment for kids to play in the crystalline water, and the public you’ll meet there is mostly formed with local people.

Pelicano Beach

most beautiful beaches in puerto rico

Located on Ponce island, Pelicano Beach is one of the first nature reserves to receive the Blue Flag award classification and features an impressive protected Sanctuary, Caja de Muerte. You will experience one of the most crystalline waters of the South of Porto Rico, observe a variety of tropical birds, nesting near the fieldstones, and contemplate the stunning view of the open cove on the Caribbean Sea; the real Garden of Eden.

Balneario De Boqueron

owner of Blue Flag Beach, with its white sand and clear blue water that stretches miles along the bay, this oasis in the south of Porto Rico is probably one of the cleanest beaches, in the Caribbean and heaven for beach lovers. In the past, this piece of land was a hideaway for pirates, and the legend says they left some hidden treasures on the island, but don’t worry if you don’t find them, the spectacular view of the place is without a doubt the biggest gem you’ll ever find. Native endangered birds are also being protected there by the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge.

Playa Escondida

This “hidden beach” is hard to reach, but definitely worth the pain for an isolated gateway, perfect for lovers. The beach is accessible from a trail at Seven Seas Beach, and once there, enjoy the calm and the sound of the waves. Swimming there is not allowed because of the harsh activity of the water, but the view of the turquoise water and the boulders give romantic scenery for a perfect date far from any civilization.

Icacos Island

top 10 beaches in puerto rico

On the coast of Fajardo, you’ll enjoy the cool deserted ambiance of Iacacos Island, accessible with a boat in Las Croabas. Experience the great pleasure of swimming and snorkeling in the biggest calm, but organize yourself because reaching the coast since there is no facilities or beach amenities, so pack food, umbrellas, and water, and enjoy the feeling of being the first man on the planet.

Pinones Beach

Finally, one of our last favorites is Pinones Beach, just two miles from San Juan, where you can rent a kayak and explore the blue lagoon in search of wildlife and sea animals. After the effort, you will be able to enjoy local fried food, like pinchos, pastelillos, or tostones.

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