Avatar Mountains (China): For All Who Ever Dreamed of Visiting the Locations of the “Avatar”

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In the Footsteps of the «Avatar»: A Trip to China’s Most Cosmic Nature Park

The spectacle here is fantastic, it transforms every time the weather changes, the direction of the wind. It all depends on how high you are, how brightly the sun shines, how the clouds have formed. The understanding of time and space is lost. The landscapes of these mountains were depicted by many artists from the Middle Kingdom, after them by world-famous painters. People who take a China tour on mountains “Avatar” claim that a walk-in Zhangjiajie Park is comparable to a visit to an art gallery of traditional Chinese painting, the only difference is that all the beauties can be seen live. They especially admire it when they see the Avatar mountain in China. After all, it was in China that “Avatar” was filmed.

The Most Popular Locations Are in “Avatar”, China

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Southeast China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a fantastic place – a natural zoo, botanical and geological reserve. It is famous for its quartzite rocks, up to 800 meters high. Wulingyuan is the very Avatar mountains in China that inspired the creators of the movie “Avatar” for their fantastic landscapes. It was on these China mountains that Avatar was filmed. James Cameron did not shoot a single episode of his film there, but he was there with the crew and they took inspiration from the beautiful views. And then all this was correctly drawn and shown in the film. So if you also want to enjoy the Avatar movie location, then you should come here. Tourists used this to call mountains “Avatar” in China. Accordingly, many fans who have watched the movies choose this route, but it is also interesting for people who just want to see beautiful, unusual places created by nature, and not by man. China mountains “Wulingyuan”, now called “Avatar”, were known before James Cameron saw them. They have always been a popular destination for the Chinese, 1992 they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a national park and this began to attract even more tourists there. Avatar China mountain is located near Zhangjiajie city, Hunan province. This is not a tropical place, there is a climate change, summer gives way to warm autumn and rather mild winter. The temperature never drops below zero. On average, in winter – 4 degrees, and in summer within 27-29. Therefore, you can admire the mountains at any time of the year. In winter, the China Avatar mountain is covered with soft fluffy caps of snow, in autumn there are endlessly bright colors: yellow, orange, red. Lush greenery in summer. And when nature wakes up, spring streams murmur. In general, in each season you can see something interesting, and when the fog descends, the Avatar China mountain becomes even more mystical. To get to the China Avatar mountain people fly from Vladivostok to Beijing, then take a train and go to Zhangjiajie. There they check into a hotel and from there they begin to get to know this place. The Avatar mountain in China is remembered by people forever.

As in any other national park in China, all amenities have been created here so that tourists can move around comfortably and watch all the action taking place. Free buses can be used throughout the park. You can climb to the most popular places on your own on foot, overcoming several thousand steps, or use the services of a cable car. By the way, it is the longest in the world, its length is 7.5 kilometers. Travel time is 28 minutes, altitude is 1279 meters. “Cable car” takes you from one peak to another. The booth disappears somewhere in the fog and appears somewhere in another part of the park – a very unusual, interesting sight. And such an attraction is likely to tickle your nerves. You will pass through, shall we say, a natural gate. This is a huge hole in the middle of the mountains, more than 60 meters in height, like a huge eye through which light pours. After passing through these gates, you can go down the stairs, there are 999 steps on it and then get on the bus, which will take you down the “serpentine” to the foot. The road has 99 turns – also unusual magic of numbers. You will see the national village. The original inhabitants of these places live here – Tujia, Miao, and Bo. They speak their languages ​​and keep traditions. Guests will also admire the huge stalactite caves, high waterfalls, a beautiful lake, and visit the monkey nursery.

Once upon a time on the site of this national park, the sea splashed and there was a very rich flora and fauna at the bottom. But due to changes in tectonic plates, the movement of the earth’s crust began, and these natural rocks were formed, which were named Avatar mountains in China. The national park does not stand still, it is developing and an interesting infrastructure is being created around the mountains. For example, you are taken to one of the most popular peaks by the Bailun or Hundred Dragons Elevator. The capacity is about 50 people. These are large booths with transparent glass. With incredible speed, they rush up to the height of the summit – about 400 meters. This is the very look that inspired Cameron, and he reflected it in his film. The attraction is very interesting, we recommend that everyone take this elevator, you can also go downstairs on it.

The park has viewing platforms where you can take pictures, meet sunsets, sunrises, watch the life of the park with rich flora and fauna. There live monkeys who shamelessly ask, snatch some buns and sweets from tourists. In general, monkeys are spoiled. There is a famous glass bridge that runs around one of the Avatar mountains in China. And at the beginning of summer, the longest glass bridge opened, which connects the two ridges, and you can walk along with it. For many, this causes wild fear, people cannot get up, they crawl on their knees.

The park is very large, you need to tune in to the fact that you will not go around it all, do not inspect every corner, you need to spend at least a few weeks on this. But the main thing is the most beautiful views, you will have time to see the best angles if you go on an organized tour of the Avatar location in China. One day, in the evening, we recommend going to the national show, which takes place there right in the open air. A theatrical performance unfolds at the foot of the mountains. A simple story about love and life in the kingdom of people and life in the kingdom of the foxes. The performance is in Chinese, but knowledge of the language is not required, since everything is clear. More than 500 actors were involved in the production. The scenery is a natural forest. There is a huge lighting system built into the rocks. The spectacle is incredible and in terms of scale is considered the largest such show in Asia. Leaves no one indifferent. Therefore, if you are a fan of looking at unearthly beauty, especially at an Avatar location, then you are here.

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