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Summer and the velvet season is the best time of the year, and you need to devote it to yourself: harmonizing body and soul, healing, or just relaxing in the most beautiful places in the world. We have compiled the best wellness resorts for you – in terms of methodology, space organization, and philosophy.

Rating of the nine best health resorts in Europe

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Montecatini Terme, Italy

Montecatini Terme

The famous Italian thermal resort Montecatini Terme is located in the picturesque region of Tuscany, between Florence and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The resort has five mineral springs with medicinal waters for drinking cures, three springs with iodine waters for mineral baths and balneotherapy, thermal mud based on volcanic clay. There are 11 thermal centers in the Montecatini Terme resort, where all types of treatments, including drinking cures, are carried out. Many Hollywood celebrities own villas, estates, or modest, unassuming mansions in Montecatini Terme, a town that so closely resembles the upmarket Beverly Hills neighborhoods. Montecatini Terme can be safely called one of the most luxury wellness resorts.

Széchenyi Bath in Budapest, Hungary

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The famous Szechenyi bath is located in the very center of the Hungarian capital and is the largest and hottest thermal bath in Europe – the medicinal water in the Szechenyi bath rises from a depth of 1256 meters and has a temperature of 77 degrees Celsius. Such wellness retreats and treatment at the Széchenyi spa are recommended for rheumatic, gynecological, skin diseases, as well as for problems with the musculoskeletal system. There are three large outdoor pools in the bath: a hot one with radon, a standard swimming pool, and a surprise pool – the most beloved by tourists – every 10 minutes from the metal squares at the bottom of the pool, air jets of various power, with seething and bubbles, begin to beat. Also in the building of the Széchenyi baths, there are a large number of mini-pools with thermal waters of various temperatures, saunas, baths, pools with whirlpools. This is where you will find a way to go to the best health and wellness retreats.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

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Karlovy Vary is the largest thermal spa in the Czech Republic, with 12 medicinal springs, with temperatures ranging from 41 to 73 degrees Celsius. There are also many other all-inclusive wellness retreats. Rest and treatment at the resort are recommended for diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus of the first and second types, metabolic disorders, obesity; with diseases of the musculoskeletal system; with stress and diseases of the nervous system. Affordable wellness retreat helps people improve their health all year round.

Frantiskovy Lazne, Czech Republic

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The smallest spa town in the West Bohemian Triangle – Frantiskovy Lazne is located 65 km from Karlovy Vary. The wellness resort is famous for its mineral springs with a high content of carbon dioxide and sulfurous-ferrous mud. The Frantiskovy Lazne spa is famous for the effective treatment of female diseases and circulatory disorders.

Baden, Austria

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Located near Vienna, Baden is famous for its sulfurous water springs and is also considered a favorite vacation spot for creative intellectuals from all over the world. One of the top wellness retreats in Europe. Baden’s natural sulfur springs are a panacea for many diseases. They are the location of the city baths, which have recently turned into a huge health complex. During long baths, sulfur enters the body and has a healing and health-improving effect, improving metabolism. This health and wellness vacation will improve your well-being and strengthen your health.

If you love active recreation, then along with wellness spa resorts where you can relax, we have also collected for you several excellent fitness spa resorts with incredibly beautiful landscapes and an interesting location.

Hotel FeelViana – Viana do Castelo, Portugal

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On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most famous fitness hotels in Europe – Hotel FeelViana, which will definitely take care of your wellness vacations. Therefore, here you will find: 400 km of cycling trails passing through the mountains, rivers and the coast, cross-country routes, the highest waves for kitesurfing and windsurfing, sailing, as well as yoga, Pilates, stretching and, of course, a gym. for strength and functional training.

D Maris Bay – Datca Peninsula, Marmaris, Turkey

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The world-renowned health and wellness resort D Maris Bay is located in a picturesque place where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean and offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities in an area of ​​156,000 square meters.

Here, for example, you can get acquainted with the favorite fitness programs of Hollywood stars – Bodyism. Under the strict guidance of personal trainers, nutritionists, and doctors, healthy lifestyle adherents will be able to rapidly achieve their desired goals: to reduce weight, create muscle relief, correct posture, or increase body endurance.

Besides, the hotel, which has three pools and five private beaches, offers private swimming lessons, outdoor training with TRX, mountain biking tours around the peninsula, and stretching classes. There is also a tennis school, a yacht club, and a diving center, so you won’t get bored. Everything you need for a great wellness getaway.

Amirandes – Heraklion, about. Crete, Greece

Some places seem to be destined for wellness retreat vacations and active pastimes, such as the island of Crete. So that sports activities do not cease to give pleasure and are always “at hand”, you should take a serious approach to choose a hotel. In this regard, we recommend taking a closer look at the Amirandes resort, designed for family holidays with health benefits. At your service: “Olympic” swimming pool with seawater, aqua aerobics, tennis courts, diving center, golf academy, mini football, horse riding, mountain bike tours, a large number of water sports and, of course, yoga and Pilates. After an eventful day, guests can pamper themselves with an aromatherapy jacuzzi and a delicious dinner.

La Manga Club – Cartagena, Spain

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La Manga Club is one of the best wellness retreats for outdoor activities on the southeast coast of Spain. On the territory of 560 hectares, everything “breathes” with sports: in addition to the usual gym, cycling and hiking, here you will find a tennis center with 28 courts, three golf courses where famous European tournaments are held, eight football fields that meet FIFA requirements, classes in rugby and cricket, but most importantly – the opportunity to practice triathlon. To this end, there are many cycling routes in the hotel and its surroundings, including cross-country, cross-country trails, a 25-meter pool, and, of course, the sea for open water training. By the way, the Triathlon Academy was opened for newcomers to La Manga Club. If you have dreamed of doing this sport for a long time, but still did not dare – you should try it. Experienced coaches and mentors will help you prepare for your first start. And the weather at the resort is the most favorable all year round.

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