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what is the best airline to fly international

Hopefully, 2021 is gently profiling and brings with him a wave of hope. To all the backpackers, nomadic, or other casual travelers, this claustrophobic year is soon over and our review of the best international airlines comes along just at the right time! Considering passenger reviews, quality of service, comfort, benefits, and safety, this airline reviews is here to help you to choose the best airline company for your first post-apocalyptic flight.

If you wonder what is the best airline to fly international, the 2020 winner, according to the new classification of, the reference in terms of airline ratings, is New Zealand airlines, which was selected as the best airline ever in 2020. It’s been 6 years in a row that Air New Zealand wins the best scores, and reaches the top of the ranking, which is, according to Geoffrey Thomas, the editor-in-chief of Airline ratings, a remarkable performance from the faultless airline, that reaches every year excellence in every aspect of its activity, represented by one of the best aviation management team, we didn’t expect any less from the highest-rated international airlines anyway. The airline company not only won first place over Singapore Airlines, which was previously the 2019 laureate but even took over giants of aviation and some of the best airlines for international travel such as Emirates, which recently changed the configuration of its first-class and designed new seats for the business class, or Qatar Airways with its very prized Qsuites in business class, and the Japanese airline ANA, with its very new cabins in both first-class and business class.

Find below the complete rankings

highest rated international airlines
  • Air New Zealand
  • Singapore Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Qantas
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • EVA Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • Virgin Australia
  • Lufthansa
  • Finnair
  • Japan Airlines
  • KLM
  • Korean Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Etihad Air

But what does this ranking mean exactly? This list might not help you so much to visualize your next trip… Would you rather have a relaxing and fancy time in first class? Or you like it better more casual in business class? Or maybe you expect a lot from a good meal to tantalize you for your coming adventure time?

Therefore, here are the winners of 13 specific categories that will help you to make up your mind for the choice of your next airline and the best company to fly with

best company to fly with
  • For the best first class, Singapore Airlines won again the first price, mostly due to its whole new suites in first class.
  • The best business class price goes to Qatar Airways, even though this one was relegated to the 9th position. According to Mr. Thomas, the Qsuite has it all and gives you a real first-class experience while being in business class. In spite of its lower position, the company has a lot to teach most of the companies above and is considered as one of the best business class ever seen.
  • New Zealand won the price of the best Premium Economy class, thanks to comfortable seats and top-quality service.
  • The best Economy goes to Virgin Australia for the second successive year. With Virgin Australia, you’ll get to enjoy a new way of flying, escorted by the best cabin crew in the world, for a whole new definition of traveling experience.
  • If you count on the meal on board to have a successful experience in the air, Qatar Airways won again the prize of the best catering service, thanks to his meal on-demand service.
  • If you want to chill out, Qatar Airways won the prize of the best lounge and continues to champion in this category for one more year and this decision was a full consensus for the judges that found the lounges of Qatar Airways exceptional.
  • If you can’t sleep on the plane and want to make your experience in the air something you’ll remember, Emirates won the prize of the best entertainment on board. The company was already vanguard of the in-flight devices, as one of the first airline company to install individual screens on the seats of the Economic class.
best airline ever
  • The prize of the best domestic company of the year goes to Qantas thanks to its high-end transcontinental service on board the Airbus A330.
  • The prize of the airline company with the best progression goes to the Philippian airline company, Cebu Pacific, which recently knew an international expansion thanks to its new generation of Eco energetic planes.
  • The prize of the best long-haul company goes to Emirates for the middle-east or African regions, Cathay Pacific for Asia, Lufthansa for Europe, and Delta for the U.S.

If you have a low budget, here is a list of the best low-cost companies

  • JetBlue in America
  • Wizz in Europe
  • Air Asia
  • Air Asia X in Asia or in the Pacific
  • Air Arabia for the Middle East or Africa
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