Dog Travel Kennels for Airlines: The Three Best Options for Flying with Your Beloved Pets

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Hosts who decide to travel by plane with their pets should worry about preparing for the flight in advance. And this preparation includes not only buying a ticket for your four-legged or feathered friend, but also vaccinating the animal, preparing and collecting all the necessary certificates and documents, and, of course, purchasing a container for transporting the animal.

Animals are transported only in containers that meet certain requirements, except guide animals and, in some cases, service dogs.

Over the years, the rules for the transportation of animals of various types (cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, turtles, and others) on the plane have been formed for reasons of the safety of passengers and the animals themselves. These rules have repeatedly undergone changes, and later unified rules were created by the International Air Carriers Organization (IATA) and their implementation is mandatory. However, despite the existence of such rules, each country has its laws, and airlines can introduce their own additional rules and restrictions. Yes, yes, it was not a typo … and all additions to the unified IATA requirements are reduced to the introduction of additional restrictions and prohibitions: by the weight of the animal, the breed of dogs or cats, the age of the animal, and even the shape of the animal’s skull. The size of containers for transportation and the material from which containers for transportation of animals are made are also strictly stipulated. Today we’ll talk about travel dog kennels for airline travel and break down 3 of the best dog airline crates.

Before proceeding with the selection of dog travel kennels, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the airline of your choice with the requirements that they impose when transporting an animal.

Some Requirements for Dog Travel Kennels for Airlines

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  1. Availability of food and water. Of course, the first requirement for transporting animals should be the availability of food and water. Carriers should have two separate bowls. Important: the dishes should not be attached to the sides, but to the door of the box, which allows you to feed and water your animals without opening the carrier door.
  2. Availability of information about your pet and contacts of the owner. This paragraph implies that before handing over the carrier with your dog, a document must be attached to it with the following information: flight number, destination, your phone number, name of your pet and the medications it needs, and contact information of the person who will meet at the destination. Be sure to leave your pet food and feeding instructions.
  3. Adequate space for the dog. This is a prerequisite for the comfortable transportation of your pet. As the requirements state, the airline-approved dog kennel should not be less than the length of your pet + half of its leg to be sure to provide enough space. In terms of height, the carriage should be higher than the height of the dog when standing, so as not to rest its head and ears on the top of the carriage.
  4. Stickers. Your carriage must be marked with notes that a live animal is being transported here. These marks must be on all sides of the carriage. If you’re having trouble finding these stickers, or just don’t have enough time to buy them, you can call the airline and ask if they have them. Most companies provide these stickers to their passengers.
  5. Availability of ventilation holes. An equally important point is the presence of ventilation in the carriage. They should be on all four sides. Although it is mandatory on some domestic flights to have vents on at least two sides, we advise you to opt for carriers with four.
  6. Crate lining. The presence of a scented lining under the container is a prerequisite for the air transportation of a pet.
  7. Single doorю A prerequisite for the transportation of animals in many airlines is the presence of a single metal door. Given the risk of your dog opening the door accidentally or intentionally during flight, some airlines will not allow you to fly your pet with a plastic, easy-to-fold door.

3 Best Airline Approved Dog Kennels for Travel

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Pet Carrier Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate is renowned for producing a wide range of airline-approved dog kennels and a wide variety of pet equipment and accessories. Many dog ​​owners especially highlight this company and prefer this particular product when it comes to transporting animals. Choosing this airline dog kennel for your beloved pet’s flight you don’t have to worry as it meets the standards of most airlines. Regardless, be always sure to double-check any carrier before flying.

This dog airline crate is made of steel and plastic for extra durability. The elements of this dog airline kennel, namely the various wires and nuts are not susceptible to corrosion and hold firmly enough, which means that this crate will serve you for at least several years. One of the main advantages that will give your dog a comfortable flight, no matter how long it will take, is 360-degree ventilation. Since flying is stressful enough for your animals, they must get enough air. As a nice bonus, along with this carrier, you will also receive a bowl and several identification stickers, so that your flight will be successful. Despite numerous positive reviews for this dog kennels airline approved, some owners note that weight limits are not always accurate. The manufacturer’s stated limit is 15 to 30 pounds. Despite this, it remains one of those carriers that we can recommend to you!

Kennel Aspen Pet Porter

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This is another fairly well-known brand of dog kennels for airline travel, which is suitable for both short and longer flights. This company offers a fairly wide range of kennels in various sizes, up to dogs weighing up to 125 pounds! With such a wide selection, you will be able to find the right travel kennel for your dog. The ideal option for medium-sized dogs would be a kennel that is designed for up to 50 pounds. This airline dog kennel, like the previous one, also consists of plastic and metal, which makes it durable enough to keep your dog safe and comfortable inside, and able to serve you for at least a few good years.

Despite its convincing durability, this dog crate airline is light enough to travel with it comfortably for both the pet and the owner. This carrier also has three-way ventilation, which is very important for your dog. Even though this dog kennel is approved by many airline companies, we still advise you to check with the airline you are flying the requirements for dog crates, so as not to find out at the last moment that such a carry is not acceptable for your airline. Aspen can also offer you a large selection of different equipment or accessories for your pets, which are famous for their quality and many positive reviews. So, along with this airline dog crate, you can also take a closer look at other goods to be sure to prepare for the upcoming flight.

Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier

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This is perhaps the most economical option for medium-sized dogs on our list. If you do not want to overpay for various newfangled airline dog crates, but want to get the highest quality and safest option for your money, then Suncast Deluxe is what you need. This airline crate for dogs has proven its quality many times over and has received numerous positive reviews from travelers with dogs. You can, of course, look for cheaper options, but we sincerely do not recommend that you save a lot on a comfortable flight for your pet and risk its health and safety.Choosing this airline kennel for dogs you don’t have to worry about, it is a really comfortable and high-quality construction made of durable plastic. This carrier also has air ventilation from all sides.

The carrier also contains built-in bowls for food and water, which even the most expensive model does not always boast of. The sturdy lattice will keep your pet from chewing on it, making it a perfect choice for owners whose pets love to chew the carrier. Despite numerous advantages, there is one thing that users of this airline dog kennel quite often complain about: they are plastic clips, which, as the owners of this carrier note, sometimes look quite flimsy. Despite this, this carrier remains one of the most beloved among travelers with pets, because it is a godsend for its money.

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