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a321 first class

It has only been a few years since American launched its A321 flight. The first class in this plane managed to get a lot of positive reviews from travelers, and now we will tell you what is so attractive about these airlines.

Almost every self-respecting airline offers a unique set of services, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of passengers. It is called by the comfort of the boarding seats and how passengers will be fed during the flight. The class corresponds to the tickets purchased. On domestic and international airlines, classes are traditionally divided into stomary to designate this spectrum in the air by the level of convenience. It is classified on the plane on:

  • economy-class;
  • business-class;
  • first-class.

Why Should I Choose First Class?

american airlines a321 sharklets first class

Most travelers still prefer to fly economy class. Economy-class isn’t that bad; in recent years, it has generally become quite good there. But if you find yourself in an old plane, where there is absolutely no leg room, there is one TV for the entire row, and a child is throwing tantrums in the next seat, then willy-nilly you will start dreaming of a chair in first class. It should be noted that the first class does not exist on all flights. Each air carrier tries to make this type of class as comfortable as possible, and therefore, along with chairs that fold out 180°, or small sofas, more and more companies are equipping liners with full beds in separate compartments. This is what the American airline’s first-class a321 can boast of.

However, the first thing that attracts attention in the cabin and causes special envy of economy-class passengers is a completely different design of the seats. They take up much more space and can be (almost) horizontal so you can sleep. In addition, the seating arrangement in the cabin provides more personal space and the ability to stand up without disturbing the neighbor.

As for the airline airbus a321 American airlines first class, you can rest assured: here you will find comfortable seats with partitions where you can relax in your zone because other passengers will not be in your field of vision.

Benefits on Ground

For Airbus A321 first-class passengers, there are corresponding services: you can while waiting for a flight in a comfortable lounge, check-in out of turn, and in separate terminals specially provided for this. Do not forget to book your ticket in advance, because the a321 first class consists of only 10 seats, which are distributed in five rows. Boarding takes place through a separate door leading directly to the first class. When it comes to landing, first-class passengers also have their exit, which means you won’t be in a crowded out queue as you often do with regular economy-class.

Food and Drink

In terms of food, American Airlines A321 first-class provides a wide variety of food that is noticeably better than other classes and is served faster. As soon as you take your seat in the a321 first class, the flight attendant will immediately come to you to place an order. You can choose both cool, refreshing fruit fresh or delicious coffee, and alcoholic beverages, for example, sparkling, red, or white wine, beer, and if you like stronger, then here you will also be provided with whiskey or Bacardi. You can also ask to mix a cocktail for you, such an opportunity in the airbus a321 first-class American airlines undoubtedly also exists. The only thing is that drinks such as juice or water are served in plastic cups, which, as some travelers note, do not look very presentable for the first class. When it comes to food, there is a wide variety of choices ranging from a plate of fresh fruit to smoked salmon with fresh salad and cream cheese. You can also indulge in a delicious dessert, such as a yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and berries, where you can choose the ingredients yourself. In general, you will not stay hungry when flying by the Airbus A321 first-class American and the staff will make sure that all your tastes are taken into account. At the beginning of the flight, each passenger is also given a bottle of water. Also from the pleasant bonuses, during the flight, passengers of the American a321 first class have access to a basket with snacks, from where you can take whatever you like at any time.

Cab and Seat

airbus a321 first class american

The cockpit in the Airbus A321 American first-class is arranged in a 2-2 configuration with a toilet located in the front of the aircraft cabin. The seats have a partition so that passengers can stretch comfortably during the flight and not feel constrained.

American a321 first-class seats may look a little worn out, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable. Sitting on these seats is very comfortable. There is also enough room for an armrest. During the flight, you will not have awkward touching with other passengers if you choose to place your elbow on the armrest. There’s plenty of leg rooms here, and there’s even an ottoman under the TV that, when you recline the seat, turns into part of the bed. Before the very departure, you will be played a video of the safety rules.

The airbus a321 first class’s separate toilet is very well stocked. There is not much space in it, but you will not find it dirty during the flight. Cleaning takes place regularly so that the passenger can feel comfortable.

Amenities and IFE

Passengers are given blankets and pillows wrapped in a plastic bag. There is nothing special here, the same set is provided in the business class. At the same time, you will be provided with quite comfortable Bose Quiet Comfort 25 headphones. You are in luck because earlier American Airlines airbus a321 first class provided Bose Quiet Comfort 15. Now the headphones have a sufficiently high noise reduction, which will save you from unnecessary external sounds.

Another good news is that American Airlines’ first-class airbus a321 has Wi-Fi, which people can need at any time. You will have to pay $10 to use the Internet on an airplane, but as we know, this is a small amount to fly comfortably.

And again, back to not the best news. To watch the movie you will need to use IFE. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to figure out how to use it. In addition, the flight attendants themselves do not always understand IFE, which is why this can spoil the mood of the passenger.

Airplane seats provide AC power as well as USB power. This is a strong enough argument to say with confidence that the airbus a321 American airline’ first-class flight was comfortable.


airbus a321 first class

If you are flying American Airlines a321 first class, professional staff will accompany you. There are more of them in terms of the number of passengers than in the economy-class, so there is almost no need to wait for food, drinks, or fulfillment of any individual requests.

American Airlines airbus a321 first class service is quite kind and attentive to its passengers. They are always ready to do everything to make the passenger feel comfortable. Most often, the service shows its good mood, which can also improve the mood of passengers, this is a definite plus. Another note: they are caring enough. For example, if you have an early morning American Airlines a321 domestic first-class flight, the flight attendants will bring you a refreshing hot towel to help you wake up a little. Any of your requests will be honored. But there are also downsides. Some passengers noticed that sometimes the flight attendants allowed themselves to talk too loudly about something in the galley. This makes it difficult for people on the plane to spend time in peace, especially if it is an early flight. Few people want to be constantly distracted by the chatter of flight attendants. Moreover, from time to time, for various reasons, planes can make an automatic landing, which implies a complete shutdown of the electronics during landing.
In general, the airbus a321 American Airlines first-class provides quite comfortable conditions for your flight. Sleep like in a bed, eat like in a restaurant, drink like in an expensive bar – this is a short description of the amenities that the airline uses to attract passengers to its first class. Each place has its window, which also allows you to enjoy the incredibly beautiful views whenever you want. If you are looking for the most comfortable way to travel, then undoubtedly, we recommend you to pay attention to the first class of this rather new, but already beloved by many passengers, American Airlines.

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