Africa’s top 10 most dangerous animals

dangerous animals

Mysterious Africa is attracting more and more tourists. This fascinating continent has preserved nature intact. The animal world of Africa conquers us with diversity but promises not only unforgettable impressions but also a danger to life.

Some representatives of African fauna are better off not meeting at all:

  • Cape cobra. A drop of cobra poison can kill ten people. The victim dies within 15 minutes without help after the bite. Deadly snakes often meet with humans because they hunt close to humans;
  • Fat-tailed scorpion. It crawls into dwellings, hiding in grass and sand. Their poison kills within 4 hours if curative measures are not taken in time. Besides the Fattailed Scorpion, there are hundreds of species of poisonous arthropods in Africa;
  • The Nile crocodile. More than a hundred people fall prey to these reptiles every year. Its size and strength allow it to kill even large mammals. The Nile crocodile has the most powerful jaws on the planet, and it is impossible to get out of them;
  • The African buffalo. The giant animal is unpredictable and evil. Old single individuals and wounded buffaloes are particularly dangerous. It is impossible to escape from an entire herd;
  • Hippopotamus. Cute and slow, hippopotami develop speed up to 40 km / h, have impressive fangs and kill dozens of people a year. Only lions dare to hunt hippos, and victory is not always on the cat’s side;
  • The Lion. One of the largest predators reaches a weight of up to 250 kilograms. It’s better to stay away from him. Every year, African lions kill more than one dozen people;
  • The spotted hyena. These night hunters have jaws stronger than lions and can chew even bones. The hyenas have no mercy for their sacrifice. They can also attack a man in starvation;
  • Tsetse fly. It is the carrier of a sleeping sickness that is fatal to man. In civilized countries, sleeping sickness is successfully treated, but many tourists do not have time to seek help;
  • Anopheles. A mosquito in Africa is a killer because it carries malaria. Unfortunately, ague is almost untreated and takes the lives of thousands of people a year;
  • The great white shark. Shark attacks in Africa have become a frequent phenomenon. And while most of it is caused by human negligence, the lethality of a white shark is undeniable.

The wild world of Africa lives by its laws and has harsh survival conditions. Tourists need to be careful, follow safety rules, and before traveling to get the necessary vaccinations.

Fortunately Africa can offer not only dangerous animals but also exotic fruits, which you can read about in our article.

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