Afraid To Travel Alone? Now You Will Learn How To Make Your Solo Travel Wonderful!

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Often, when we are thinking about our trip, we are faced with the fact that there is simply no one to go on a trip with. Initially, everything looks like this: you have an “ingenious” travel idea, which you are in a hurry to share with your friends. Everyone is excited, starting to build a route with enthusiasm and think over the details of an ideal trip. But as time goes by, the upcoming trip is getting closer, and your friends’ enthusiasm is dwindling. You start to panic. And here you have two options. The first (more rational) is just to give up the trip you dreamed about, and the second (the one you should take) is to travel alone and completely surrender to new impressions.

Soon you will realize that going alone has several undeniable advantages: you will be on your own, which means you will be able to follow your heart instead of making numerous compromises with your fellow travelers. So, you have to master the art of traveling by yourself.


How to travel by yourself? —almost everyone with whom you will share your travel plans may ask you. It is quite difficult to imagine a situation in which you will be completely alone on a journey. Staying in a hotel or hostel, sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea, tasting a local beer in the bar in the evening, or walking in the park, you will surely be surrounded by many people. And since you are taking a vacation alone, you will be more open to them. Especially for those who have gone on independent travels themselves. You can create thousands of situations to befriend a local. For example, share your meal in a park with someone, ask them to show you around the city, or invite someone out for a walk. So you will not only meet new people but also get a great opportunity to see the city from a new, sometimes completely unexpected side. You can even make friends just before the trip using the CouchSurfing service.


Perhaps, if you are going to travel abroad alone, you should not book a hotel for the entire duration of your trip, however, booking a room for at least the first few days will be quite useful. This way, you are guaranteed to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress, which is almost inevitable during the first solo traveling. You do not have to feverishly search for housing, finding yourself in an unfamiliar place. Also, if you are going to take a trip alone, be sure to say “I want to travel alone” to your family because they will worry about you. But if you provide them with a detailed map of your itinerary, a printout of hotel reservations, and flight tickets, they will understand that you have everything under control and there is nothing to worry about.


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If this is your first experience when you are going on vacation alone, you will no doubt be able to get used to your journey faster by being in an environment where you can independently book a hotel room, buy a bus ticket, order food at a restaurant, just ask for directions or chat with someone from the local. Also, traveling to exotic countries can be fraught with culture shock. Therefore, English-speaking countries are most likely ideal for the first traveling alone experience.


Your level of preparation will primarily depend on your travel style. Someone prepares for the trip thoroughly, studying tons of material and thinking over the perfect route. Others – only estimate a rough plan, or even go on a journey without any plan. Your best bet would be to make at least a rough list of the most interesting places in the city that you want to visit, and what you want to do and try on your trip. Be sure to research security issues. Often, tourists think that all dangerous areas of the city are outside the tourist zone, but in fact, this is not always the case. A good option would be to ask someone from the hotel staff or residents to tell you about the criminal situation in the city and mark on the map the safest and recommended areas for walking.


Is this weird to travel alone? Of course not! As with any endeavor, it is very important to maintain a positive attitude on this journey. Instead of complaining about the lack of company, try to realize all the benefits of traveling solo. Consider, for example, that now you are free to choose whether you want communication with people or to spend a whole day alone. Indeed, sometimes while traveling, you just want to go to the park or get lost in the urban jungle: now no one will accept your unwillingness to communicate personally. On the other hand, if you want communication and attention, you can always strike up a conversation with someone from the residents, and, possibly, find in this way a friend or guide.

One of the main advantages of travel by yourself is that you never have to compromise with someone.

After all, if you are interested in walking, and your companion is eager to walk through all the city’s museums, in the end, you will inevitably have to compromise, and you will almost certainly miss some of the places that you wanted to visit or will not do something from what you planned. And it also happens that you are full of energy while your companion is not eager to leave his room altogether. If you are taking trips alone, you are in complete control of your time and coordinate your plans according to your own will and mood. Also, traveling overseas alone is a great way to be alone with yourself, to get to know yourself better, and possibly to deal with what has been bothering you for a long time.


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If you still doubt is it okay to travel alone, then you should understand that if you are traveling alone there can be no one next to you who would pull you out of bed in a hotel and drag you on sightseeing. You will have to do it yourself. Sit down and prepare a list of what you want to get out of your trip. Thinking about why exactly you are going on a trip, you can make some real discoveries. Once you have figured it out, it should not be difficult for you to make a travel plan (albeit an approximate one). Make sure you do this with a clear head to get the most out of your trip.


There are many services out there to make traveling on your own more fun and easier. Many of them will be especially relevant for those who are traveling alone. For example, Airbnb will find an apartment for you, Tripomatic will help you in drawing up the ideal route, Sputnik will select an author’s excursion, and CouchSurfing will allow you to completely disinterestedly stay overnight with residents.


If you are wondering about how to travel alone then you have to do what is most difficult for most people — et go of your fear, stop being afraid. Act as if you are just going for a walk in your hometown. Do not be afraid of the locals: they are just like you. If you’re being told about a place you’ve never heard of before, don’t be afraid to try it. But at the same time, trust your intuition and do not forget about your safety.


Travel abroad alone has many advantages, but at the same time, such a trip requires special care on your part. As mentioned above, it will not be superfluous to find out which urban areas will be the most favorable for walking, and where you should refuse to hike. For the rest, it will be enough just to follow common sense: you should not wear jewelry on yourself in the dark and leave your wallet with money in plain sight. If you carry a bag or backpack, make sure that all of its pockets are visible. Well, do not be afraid to listen to your intuition: if you are in a place where you feel uncomfortable, or with people you cannot trust, just leave until your premonition is confirmed.


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On the one hand, going abroad alone, you are thus already finding time for yourself, but on the other hand, this is still not entirely true. New experiences, new places, and people – all these can cause fatigue and stress. And if you start to feel tired or anxious, just take an extra day off for yourself. Yes, a day off from travel. Stay in your room, chat with friends over the Internet, write down your thoughts and impressions of the last days, watch a movie.


Solo travelers are people of a certain kind. If you have decided for yourself “I want to travel alone”, then be prepared that not everyone feels comfortable in such travels. Either way, you can try this and see if this type of travel is right for you. You can, for example, start with a short weekend trip. Well, if this is still not for you, but you have no one to travel with, you can always consider the option of a group tour.

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