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The COVID19 situation gives you anxiety, you can’t see those masks anymore, and grows in you a desire to leave everything to stretch out under a parasol. If we are isolating ourselves anyway, why not do it on a private island to rent, far from the apocalyptic ambiance of the rest of the world? Maybe a romantic “alone on earth” experience with your other half is now conceivable? Or your lifelong dream to feel like Robinson Crusoe level up and fancier? The good news for you; you don’t need to be Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, or Julia Roberts to rent an island and experience the epitome of luxury travel. You can now rent an island for a week without breaking your piggy-bank, and plenty of small heavens are affordable to all budgets. You probably wonder how it is to rent a private island, and never heard such a thing; here is a list of the best slices of paradise to enjoy the best of secluded island vacations.

Brother Island, El Nido, Philippines

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Two hours boat ride from El Nido and off the west coast of Palawan in the Philippines, this secluded island is accessible on Airbnb. Fetch 12 of your best friends, pack your swimsuits, and be ready to enjoy your best private island holidays, for only 117 US$. The island features a lot of facilities, such as an on-site caretaker, a housekeeper, even a Chef, a boatman, and a host. The food is included, and you’ll be enjoying traditional Phillipinos meals made out of local organic and healthy ingredients. Besides relaxing on the beach, a lot of activities are waiting for you, such as discovering the island with a kayak, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, local fishing, and even beach massages. Prices start from 117 dollars for a group of 12 and for children between 6 to twelve, the rate is half the price.

Urraca, Private island, Panama

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For eco-friendly travelers, we recommend to check out the private island of Urraca, on the northeast coast of Panama. This sustainable eco-lodge built 100% over the water is powered by solar panels and features water is provided to the island by a rainwater collection system. Travelers will enjoy a number of facilities, such as bar and restaurant, volleyball nets, and numerous lounging areas. You will be able to chill on the different docks or swing on the hammocks, with one to worry about: relaxing.

The Island is a safe place for swimming and snorkeling, and the lovers will be delighted to enjoy an ideal midnight bath thanks to the bioluminescent waters. The place hosts 5 bungalows of different sizes, and each one includes a private patio with an external shower. Except for the 12 monkeys that will be sharing your vacations, you will enjoy the feeling of isolation and connect to nature in a whole new level. The lowest prices start from 175$ for two adults per night and include breakfast and bungalows.

Melody Key, Florida

As sweet as its name, this private island is a real treasure and probably the best-kept secret of the magnificent Florida Keys. Accessible from Summerland Key by provided transport, the place is the temple of all comforts; guests will enjoy there an on-site heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, air-conditioning, sound system, and even the Wi-Fi is provided. The best ways to explore this little slice of paradise are kayaks or on board of the on-site catamaran, both available for the guests. Up to eight people can join this paradisiac adventure, and prices start from 170$ per person and per night.


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The Caribbean country of Belize also counts loads of beautiful islands, and the first one we really recommend for every type of travelers is Bird Island. Fitting everyone’s fancy, from the romantic adventure to the friends gathering, this self-catered island is a real treasure located off the southern coast of Belize, and reachable via Placencia Village. A number of activities are offered on the spot such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking. The adventurer will love to explore the island on foot to discover the numerous beautiful crannies and breathtaking spots hosted by the island. Up to 6 people can be accommodated with Wi-Fi for the lowest rate of 142$ per person and per night.

Another beautiful, but a bit more expensive private island of Belize is the Little Peter Oasis. Smaller than Bird Island, it can house four people in a bungalow, the perfect love nest for couples as well as ideal for a family. People will enjoy discovering their 30-foot-deep private lagoon by snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, or just swimming. the all-inclusive package starts from 5’995$ for five days and four nights and it includes the price of a private helicopter shifting you from Belize city.

Batholmen, Norway

Far from the Caribbean sea and in some cooler water, the private island of Bartholmen in the Sea of Norway offers you a more rustic experience. This self-catered private island offers you a number of outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, and boat trips, in an impressive context of a rough shoreline forest. Visitors will find running water in local shops and can charge their electronic devices at local grocery stores or restaurants. Up to five people can be hosted in a small cabin, two adults and three children or four adults. The prices start from 70$ per person for a family of two adults and three children for two nights.

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