7 most popular ocean beaches

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Those who have been near the ocean say that its energy is different from the sea. It’s hard to explain in words what the real difference is. Being near the ocean, you feel the power and incredible, exciting space with all your soul. There are more waves, and the wind is more powerful. And there’s a marvelous sound! If the sea is noisy, the ocean is humming as if breathing with force. On the shore of the ocean, you want to be free, to create, to love, and enjoy life. You can feel all this in dozens of countries around the world. We offer you a list of the most atmospheric of them.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is located on a peninsula that is a strip of about 20 beaches and separates the cold Atlantic from the warm Indian Ocean. The beaches of Clifton are famous for their colorful sunsets and high mountain ranges. On the east coast of False Bay, where the water is warmer, you’ll find great places for a relaxing beach holiday.

Goa, India

the best ocean beaches

Goa is the most multicultural and most suitable for European tourists resort in India. The Goa coastline offers 40 wonderful tropical beaches with a total length of 110 km. The resort is conditionally divided into the Southern part (elite and quite expensive) and the Northern part – democratic in prices and open.

Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands include such popular resorts as Tenerife and La Gomera. The coastlines are washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists come here for tranquillity and strange, even otherworldly landscapes. Here you can enjoy healing seclusion away from civilization and swim on the beach with black volcanic sand.

Algarve, Portugal

Another resort on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a long strip of unspoiled sandy beaches, about 150 km long from east to west of Portugal! The west is famous for its sharp rocky landscapes, while the east side is quite gentle.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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City of Brazilian carnival and “Girls from Ipanema”. It is also notable for its 40 kilometers of beaches! On Copacabana beach, you can find bronze locals in outright swimsuits and, of course, surfers. Rio also has the fashionable Ipanema area, which is surrounded by the rocky peaks of Dois Irmãos. It’s an amazing place!

Honolulu, Hawaii

In the 19th century, Hawaii was considered a secluded resort for celebrities. Now more and more tourists from all over the world fly to Honolulu to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this place. Here, the cleanest beaches dissolve into the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. There are also surf spots with big waves. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Archipelago and has volcanic nature. Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the crater of Mount Diamond Head.

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is an island with a line of Atlantic sandy beaches 14 kilometers long, separated from Miami by Biscayne Bay. The center of this oceanfront paradise is South Beach, a famous fashion hangout spot.

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