7 most popular cities among tourists

most popular cities

Choosing a destination for a trip often becomes quite a challenge. Some cities in the world remain popular at any time of year for decades. More and more tourists continue to come there for impressions and business reasons. The next seven cities are always full of foreign visitors:


The British capital with its historical sites, sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, museums, and world conferences, remains the most visited city in the world. There are also many international students, migrants, and just transit travelers. The number of tourists in the streets of London already exceeds the number of British.


The Thai capital attracts foreigners as much as the English capital. These cities take turns sharing the championship in terms of attendance. Historical places, cultural attractions, exoticism, and stunning cuisine of Thailand continue to attract travelers. Tourist infrastructure is developing rapidly every year.


The Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvre, and many other sights have long made Paris a popular tourist destination. Political and economic importance of the French capital attracts business people, a romantic atmosphere attracts couples, and delicious cuisine attracts gourmets. The streets of Paris are filled with tourists from all over the world, regardless of season and time of day.


The handmade phenomenon is gaining momentum among travelers. Millions of visitors come here every year to see fantastic buildings, enjoy beautiful beaches, and conduct business transactions.


Istanbul is the political, economic, and industrial center of the country, the main Turkish port, and a metropolis filled with history and cultural attractions of world importance. Bosporus, Topkapi, Ayia Sofia, and the fusion of Eastern and European cultures make it one of the most desirable destinations for travel and business.


Ecology, futuristic architecture and tourist attractions conquer visitors. Moreover, Singapore is confidently becoming the business capital of the world.

New York

The largest city in the United States is full of foreign visitors. It seems to be much easier to meet European or Asian than an American citizen here. The cultural and business metropolis is the most important financial, economic, and business center of the planet.

More than ten million foreigners visit these hospitable, cosmopolitan, and tourist-oriented megacities annually. If you become one of them, you will certainly not regret such a trip.

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