7 most disgusting dishes in Asia


Asian countries are a shocking destination. Despite its diversity and heterogeneity, it is united by an ancient culture and unusual food: an abundance of exotic fruits, new types of cooking, unusual spices, weird animal food. Asia is the most popular destination for gastronomic tourists.

Every traveler is eager to taste unusual delicacies. However, the exoticism of national cuisine sometimes causes disgust and bewilderment. Not every tourist dares to try Asian delicacies like monkey brains, wine of mice, animal genitals, and other strange food. Some dishes are dangerous for life and health at all:

Tuna eyes

disgusting dishes

The Japanese love tuna in all its forms – they cook it, fry it, bake it, eat it raw, cook soups and add it to various dishes. Some supermarkets have entire departments dedicated to this fish. Here you can buy any part of it, including eyes.

In Japan, tuna eyes, like other fish delicacies, are usually eaten raw. But there are different eye cooking methods. The eyes of tuna are boiled and then served with rice, and sometimes they are deep-fried and then served with soy sauce. The taste of the dish is quite specific, but experts say that its consumption is invaluable.


the most disgusting dishes

Korean cuisine is very explicit. Sannakji is a delicacy that not everyone will dare to taste. In all restaurants that offer this dish, the hall must have large aquariums in which octopus cubs swim. Guests can choose an octopus for their bowl.

The tentacles of the octopus are so fresh that they still move. The dish is life-threatening, as the tentacle can stick in your throat and cause choking. Work harder with your jaws!


try disgusting dishes

Another Korean dish, Beondegi, is silkworm pupae, which are boiled or steamed. Cooked pupae are seasoned and served as an appetizer. This delicacy is very popular in Korea and one of the weirdest Asian foods.


asia disgusting dishes

Fried tarantula a-ping is a national treasure of Cambodian cuisine. Tarantula dish is a gourmet delicacy for locals. Soft meat and crispy sweet crust roasted in garlic oil make both locals and tourists lining up to taste exotic.

But you should be as vigilant as possible, as the deadliest poison is in the fangs of a spider, and in unprofessional cooking, such a dish can lead to fatal consequences.


what about disgusting dishes

Bat soup is the most popular delicacy in many Asian countries. Particularly many fans of strange foods live in the Fiji Islands. The main feature of the dish is that the bats are cooked entirely, undone, and also served entirely at the table. The cost of the delicacy is quite high, so not everyone can afford to enjoy this dish.

The mice are not only added to the soup but also fried, and then served to the table with a spicy sauce. A glass of blood collected by the chef during cooking will complete the dish and make it even more exotic.


disgusting dish

This unique Chinese food is especially popular in the Philippines and Cambodia. The duck egg, which has already formed a germ for about 18 days, is boiled and served to the table with salt and onion sauce. You can taste this dish raw or fried. Let’s not talk much about it.

Blood soup

blood soup

A popular Vietnamese dish is made of blood from pigs, ducks, or geese. The soup is made of spices, nuts, and giblets. It is served as an appetizer for alcoholic drinks. The metal flavor and dubious consistency make the blood soup unattractive. Also, there is a risk of avian flu infection.

The gastronomic features of different countries are very peculiar. Some dishes can be ridiculous and astonishing, while others cause an attack of nausea. Whatever strange foods you dare to try, let it bring only positive taste and pleasant memories.

Don’t forget that your health always comes first and that no gastronomic desire or sophistication should influence it. Always evaluate the appearance of food, cooking conditions, observe the rules of personal hygiene, and in case of any doubts, refuse to eat the dish or product. Take care of yourself!

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