7 advices to make your journey easier

travel advices
  • Choose the dates with the cheapest tickets when searching for air tickets. The price difference can be very big on the neighboring dates. Use advanced aggregator applications to easily track the hottest offers.
  • Bring 2-3 bank cards and set cash withdrawal limits. If you shove your card into a jailbroken ATM, you may be left without money in a foreign country. You should not keep all your money on one card or only in cash.
  • Buy the SIM card right at the airport to start using the internet right away. For example, calling Uber in many countries is 10 times cheaper than taking a taxi from the airport.
  • Stay in hostels if you are traveling alone, it is fun and atmospheric (it happens). Pay attention to the rating and reviews when choosing a place to stay.
  • Use a Google map: maps show where you are and what is around, build routes, and show public transport schedules.
  • Make friends with locals using couch surfing or Facebook groups if you want to explore the country with those who live in it. Locals will show you a non-tourist side of life in the country and can even host you at home.
  • Look for interesting places through Instagram (by geotags or hashtags) and Google maps (by photo). Thousands of people can share real sightseeing experiences in these social networks, so you know exactly what to expect.

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