6 tips how to save on a trip to Hawaii

save on a trip to hawaii

Hawaii is a heavenly place. The hospitality of the locals and the relaxed atmosphere will appeal to literally everyone. However, a fabulous holiday in an American archipelago with Turquoise Ocean and white beaches can hit your pocket. Financial expenses for flight and rest often force to refuse a trip to distant islands. Costs can be reduced and dreams can be turned into reality by taking advice from experienced tourists!

Hawaii is a very popular destination and may not be suitable for everyone. That’s why we have prepared a list of the most budget directions in our article.

Vacation time

The peak season in Hawaii falls on the New Year holidays and summer months. An off-season trip will save you enough money on flights and services. The weather on the islands is warm and comfortable at any time of year.

Choice of flight

It is better to reserve tickets, as the price rises closer to the season. It will be useful to check the special offers from airlines: American low-costers periodically offer profitable flights to Hawaii. The airport is also important. There are many airports in Hawaii, and air tickets to them are inexpensive.


Hotel service and the cost of hotels here are expensive. The way out is to rent an apartment. Another budget option is a hostel. If you are going to travel with a big company, the cheapest way is to rent a small house or apartment.


The best way to save money on transport is to rent a car. Car rental services offer discounts in the off-season. This will reduce costs and make traveling around the area easier. Do not forget about hiking.

Choosing a location

Traveling around Hawaii is quite expensive. The best solution is to stay on the same island. In this case, the large islands are your choice because of the most developed tourist infrastructure.


Prices in restaurants can be high, but there are plenty of options to eat here. You can go to a farmers’ market or an inexpensive café that serves local food. Hawaii has an Eatthestreet service: Food trucks provide a feast for residents at certain times.

Luxurious views, great beaches, and natural attractions make Hawaii a tropical paradise. It is not worth giving it up because it is expensive. A trip here will not only be a fairy tale but a relatively budget trip with the right approach.

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