5 tower clocks of the world that any tourist dreams of matching time with


Each country can surprise hundreds of sights, among which you can find the tower clock. Of course, you can watch the time on your smartphone, USB bracelet, or other gadget today. However, tall towers with dials were necessary in big cities several centuries ago. Today they are a historical pride. Let us talk about the five most famous.

Big Ben

5 tower clocks

Every person in the world knows this landmark. The mechanism has been operating inside for over 150 years. It is officially called Elizabeth Tower — in honor of the Queen’s anniversary since 2012. It is 96 meters high, with dials on four sides and a 200-kilogram hammer hits the bell to tell the time. The height of the hour hand is 2.7 meters. Special service checks the accuracy of the clock 3 times a week.

The Kremlin Chimes

The Kremlin Chimes

The chimes are in Moscow on the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. They were installed in the 15th century. This is the only watch in the world that is completely mechanical! The mechanism without a bell weighs 25 tons. It is a very complex construction, which includes thousands of parts.

Orloy (Prague Astronomical Clock)

Prague Orloj

The capital of the Czech Republic boasts a tower clock that turned 610 years old. Orloy has an astronomical dial and a calendar with the date of the year and the days of holidays. The tower is decorated with intricate figures such as the Death-Skeleton, the Angel, the moving 12 apostles and the golden rooster.

The Urania World Clock

The Urania World Clock

An amazing clock appeared on Alexanderplatz square of the German capital in 1969. It is a 10-meter column-dial with the image of several states. Rings with balls of metal, symbolizing the planets rotating above. The watch is also called “World Time”. In addition, here is the inscription: “Time will destroy all walls”.

Zytglogge (Switzerland)


We cannot forget about Switzerland when we talk about watches. Zytglogge was constructed in the 13th century. Originally a defensive building, it became a prison in the 15th century. The clock is ringing daily these days. However, it is not just the same ringing. You can see a whole performance: a jester knocking on the bell, a cock cooks, bears walking and other amazing artists measuring the exact time.

Time is the main value that has been immortalized in the form of tower clocks. They are the main attractions that we recommend visiting because of their unusual appearance and design!

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