5 reasons why Venice isn’t the best place for vacation


We imagine Venice with romantic surroundings, cozy evenings, and serene rest. However, the northern region of Italy in reality is not the most suitable place for recreation. Why?


Rest is expensive in Venice. A cheap plane ticket becomes even more expensive in the season. The cost of a day at the hotel is quite high. You can rent an apartment from a private person to save a little money. Cafés, sightseeing is also not cheap. Keep in mind that price in euros here!



The service is likely to disappoint you. Millions of tourists visit Venice every year; perhaps that is why local travel companies are not keen on improving quality. A hotel room can be very shabby and the crane can be interrupted. By the way, there are no trolleybuses or taxis in the city. Use a water taxi – Vaporetto – to get to the desired place. Almost all hotels have canal exits.


The climate of the region is diverse. It is cool in winter, the temperature goes down, strong wind, a lot of rain. It is better in spring, but there is instability – warm daytime weather turns into sharp cold nights. However, the weather is getting better closer to summer, with the peak of the tourist season in late spring and summer. The temperature rises to + 35 in June, July, August. The main drawback is that water in the numerous canals begins smelling.


This natural phenomenon is the hallmark of Venice. Floods occur on a regular basis, locals are used to it, and however, this phenomenon can be a nasty surprise for tourists. The tides are seasonal and sometimes unexpected. The city is ready for such situations, so you can see hundreds of wooden bridges. Do not be surprised when you wake up in the morning and go down to a café for breakfast to see the water on the floor!


Millions of tourists visit the northern part of Italy every year. The reasons are different – architecture, riding gondolas, a variety of recreation. Spring and summer are the times when there are many travelers. The embankments are crowded. You will have to wait 15-20 minutes in line to get home on the Vaporetto. The streets are narrow, constant jolts cause discomfort. This is a real quest to make sightseeing photos without foreign tourists!

Of course, Venice is a fabulous city. The historical past has left an indelible imprint, which attracts people from all over the world. However, you need to know what to expect in order not to be disappointed with your trip.

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