5 modern shaped buildings in Germany

shaped buildings

Germany, a country of scientific achievements and technology, has always been a developed country with rich architecture. In this article, we have collected several great constructions of the country, which you will want to see right after reading.

The Vitra Design Museum

The company, known all over the world for its quality and comfortable furniture, started building a cultural center consisting of several dozens of structures in the early 1980s. The chief architect of the center was the famous American Frank Gehry. Uncomplicated geometric shapes, interacting with each other through white plaster surfaces and metal roofing, give the building its uniqueness.

Berlin Philharmonic

Perhaps one of the most famous sound stages in Germany, the Berlin Philharmonic was founded in 1882. It is the largest sound stage in the country, with 2440 seats. Outwardly, the Philharmonie resembles an asymmetrical tent in a gold frame. In addition to the original interior, it is nice to listen to operas or watch a concert by the famous performer here.

St. Quirin-Platz Metro Station

Opened in 1997, the underground station in Munich surprises many tourists with its uniqueness. It’s not just the reflective ceiling with many antique lamps, but also the impressive shell-shaped window overlooking the park.

Museum Frieder Burda

The Museum of Modern Art has become another masterpiece of German architecture. It was built relatively recently, in 2005. The idea of the building belongs to Frieder Burda. The main exhibits of the museum were the personal collection of Burda, there are about 500 exhibits. The museum is rich in paintings, graphics, and sculptures, including works by Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

Philology Library at the Free University Berlin

The Philological Library is a treasure trove of scientific research, historical treatises, and centuries-old works. The structure differs from the main building in its appearance. The library has an oval shape and looks like an egg. The ornate staircases and bookshelves inside the building look like paths from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Germany is an amazing country that has a rich history, cares for it, and is open to new forms and contents.

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