5 Free Travel Apps That Every Traveler Must Have

free travel apps

Have you ever wondered how people traveled before smartphones were invented? How do you find the best restaurants in your region, learn about touristic sites, or even find your way back to your hotel when you get lost? Well, travel books and maps were always around to solve those problems, but frankly, it’s not as good as what apps provide us with these days.

Having the right apps on your smartphones can do wonders to your traveling experience, and expose you to a whole world of inside tips, recommendations, and directions. Some apps can even help you save money on your trip by finding the best flights, good-value restaurants, and outlet stores. We prepared a list of our favorite traveling apps we think you all should download:

  • Hopper– This is not just another flight finding app. Hopper can show you the differences in ticket prices in different days, which is a super helpful tool if you can afford being flexible with the dates of your trip. Another amazing feature provided by the app is an algorithm that allows you to buy your ticket at its lowest price, recommending on whether you should wait for an expected price drop or purchase your ticket now.
  • WiFi Map– Who of us wasn’t ever in a situation where he desperately need a Wifi connection but can’t find one? This app is the perfect solution for this problem, with a database of over 10 million wifi spots updated by the app’s users.
  • Sit or Squat– Can we be real for a second here? Traveling without knowing where the nearest accessible bathroom is can be stressful for some of us. Sit or Squat will find you the nearest public restroom, rated “sit” (good condition) or squat (bad condition) by its users.
  • Eatwith– This app is a must for every foodie/ adventure seeker. EatWith is a platform for tourists to connect with locals in different locations around the world who host dinners in their houses. You’ll be able to select different hosts with different manues, meet new people, and have a great meal for less than what you’d typically pay in a restaurant.
  • Google Maps– This one might be obvious for some of you, but of not you should definitely try it. Google maps is the most user-friendly direction app out there, with clear and easy information on every possible rout and form of transportation available around you.

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