International Travel Necessities: 35 Things You Will Need When You’re Traveling

35 Must-Haves for International Travel

What Should I Pack for an International Trip

Documents Needed to Travel Abroad

Our international flight checklist starts with the documents, without which your journey may not begin. You must have your passport, visa (if you need it), medical insurance, plane/train tickets, cash, and a hotel reservation (it can be in electronic form).

First Aid Kit

Our list of essentials for traveling abroad includes a first aid kit. Take good care of the packing of the first aid kit, especially if you have any diseases or allergies. Make sure that your travel kit contains: pain relievers, antipyretics, and anti-allergens.

Bottle or Flask for Water

Bottles and flasks for water are kinds of a trifle, but they help out a lot on trips. Having received your luggage upon arrival, you can immediately fill up water at the airport, and not bother looking for cheap shops (there are still no nearby).

Compact Umbrella

A great solution if you go to a place where rain or the scorching sun is predicted, or just like to play it safe. Lugging a heavy umbrella to another country is not the best idea. Another matter is a tourist umbrella. It takes up little space and is not felt in the total weight of the luggage.

Combination Lock

A vital necessity for a traveler. You don’t want to get an open suitcase? Or afraid to look away from your luggage while sitting in the waiting room? Hang up a combination lock.

Children’s Toys

What Should I Pack for an International Trip

Preparing to travel abroad is a little more complicated if you have a child. Be sure to prepare soft toys for your baby. It is better to buy them specifically for the trip, and leave loved ones at home. Another good option is children’s books. Let the child take a break from the tablet at least during the trip.

Walking Shoes

Most travels are not complete without long walks for sightseeing. When choosing shoes, first, give preference to practicality, your feet will be grateful to you.

Solid Shampoo

On any flight, you have to tinker with liquids, measure them and pack them in a small bag. Therefore, it is always more convenient to take a solid shampoo instead of the usual one. In addition, there will be fewer chances that something will leak in the bag and spoil other things.

Flash Drive

There are times when you want to exchange photos or even movies with your travel companions, but permanent Wi-Fi may not be available. Then the flash drive comes to your rescue. It doesn’t have to be expensive, these days even the cheapest one has plenty of space for a lot of files.

Flip Flops

Wherever you stay, flip-flops can be a must on any trip. Even if you don’t have many reasons to wear them, they won’t take up much space in your luggage for travel abroad.


In some parts of the world, sunscreen can be difficult to purchase or quite expensive. But this is not the kind of thing worth saving on. It is better to take care of this in advance and take the tube with you wherever you go.

Activated Carbon

It is useful to have it on hand in case you feel sick. The tablets will help absorb toxins (for example, if you have drunk a lot of alcohol) and help stop diarrhea.

Quick-Dry Towel

Not all guesthouses or hostels can provide towels for their guests, so it will not be superfluous to bring at least one with you. Bath towels are often bulky and take a long time to dry, so bring a compact, quick-drying towel with you.


Regardless of where you are going to spend in the near future, you will want to document it. You don’t need to be a photographer to appreciate something more than iPhone photography. It is better to give preference to a compact and inexpensive camera.

Travel Adapter

When you think of things to bring when traveling abroad, many people forget about this essential device. Wherever you go, the power adapter is an essential item. It is not always possible to buy it due to the lack of the right stores nearby.

Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is a great way to catch up on lost sleep while traveling. Prefer pleasing silk masks to provide yourself with maximum comfort.


If you have long flights, you are probably thinking about things to do when traveling abroad. To save yourself from boredom on board, bring your tablet or e-book with you. It is worth choosing compact gadgets so that they do not take up much space in your bag.

Portable Charger and Charging Cables

Not all airlines provide USB ports for charging your devices in flight, so if you don’t want to waste time waiting for your devices to charge, a portable charger should be on your travel abroad packing list.

Disinfectant Wipes

Nobody wants to get sick while traveling. Using disinfectant wipes will help you kill most microbes while you are on the way.

Copy of Passport and Additional Photo

Undoubtedly, a passport is the most important thing during an international trip. But be aware of the potential risks of theft or loss of documents. It is better to play it safe and make a copy so that it will be easier to solve this problem in the future.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

When traveling internationally is definitely what you need. No one wants to be distracted during the flight by the noise of other passengers or the screams of children. Noise-canceling headphones can be your lifesaver on long flights.

Spare Clothing

Delay or loss of baggage, unfortunately, is not uncommon. For such an occasion, always bring spare clothes with you in your carry-on baggage. Clothing should be universal and comfortable so that you can survive a day or two until your luggage is returned, or you buy a new wardrobe.

Gear Ties

Disorganized technology can be a real problem when traveling. Buy a set of inexpensive rubber ties on the road to keep your cables clean and tidy.

Gummies or Gum

For many travelers, flying can be a huge source of anxiety. Chewing has been scientifically proven to decrease the production of the stress hormone – cortisol. Therefore, gummies are essential if you are looking for something to help calm your nerves.

Several Medical Masks

Since during a pandemic, compliance with restrictive measures is required almost everywhere, you should have several medical masks with you. Do not forget that you need to change them at least every 2.5-3 hours.

Blanket Scarf

Make yourself comfortable on the long flight with your blanket scarf. You can use it as a blanket on board the aircraft and wear it as a scarf after landing if you are heading for a cold place.


No matter where you go, socks that are snug and comfortable to the feet are never superfluous. Don’t forget to put a pair of your favorite socks in your carry-on to keep your feet warm during the flight.

Travel Wallet

You are probably going to take much more things with you than your everyday wallet can hold. Staying organized is important to make your trip comfortable. Put money, tickets, hotel keys, reservations, and bank cards here.

Travel Pillows

This is your must-have for a comfortable flight. You can take a usual U-shaped pillow or try other neck pillows of different forms.

Compression Socks or Pantyhose

If you have to sit in a chair for a long time, you can change into a pair of compression pantyhose or socks to improve circulation in your legs. It will also help prevent blood clots and other serious consequences of prolonged sitting.


You don’t have to sit with headphones on for a long time if you want to drown out the annoying sounds around you. Moreover, if you want to sleep, bulky headphones can make it uncomfortable. In this case, a set of earplugs will be your salvation.


As we said earlier, there is a risk that you may not receive your luggage immediately upon arrival, and you will have to spend a couple of days without your belongings. Take a couple of small bottles of your favorite shampoos and creams in your carry-on baggage.

Hand Cream

Many people know firsthand the problem of cracked skin on hands. The skin not only becomes rough and unpleasant but also wounds often appear. To avoid this unpleasant situation when traveling, be sure to put a small tube of hand moisturizer in your carry-on baggage.

Lip Balm

Our skin often reacts to various factors. It is important to have such a product in your cosmetic bag that will provide quick help and relieve discomfort.

Pen and Paper

Wherever you go, you still have to fill out most of the customs documents manually. It will be useful to have a pen with you, or better, two, to be sure.

How to Pack for an International Trip

How to Pack for an International Trip

1. Pack heavy and bulky items such as shoes on the bottom of your suitcase or to the back of your backpack.

2. Fold clothes in rolls or bundles.

3. Spread the folded clothes out in layers.

4. Shove small things in the corners.

5. Make sure not to bring any items that are not allowed in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

Essentials for overseas flights should be carried on in your carry-on baggage.

We hope our international travel checklist will help you get ready for your trip and take only the things you need with you. We wish that your suitcases always go through control without any problems, and trips give only positive impressions!

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