3 warmest seas in the world: where can a frozen man go?

deep sea

If you live in a cold climate, it is very desirable to at least sometimes change the situation and go for holiday to warm places. It is very useful for both health and mood. But where do you want to go exactly?

Somewhere you can lie on the sand and swim in the warm sea without any problems.

Big beach lovers should try the ocean shore too. Read about the best beaches on the ocean in our article.

The Red Sea

It is the undisputed leader in warmth. The water temperature can reach thirty-two degrees on particularly hot summer days. It is located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa and washes such countries as Sudan, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and, of course, Egypt, one of the most favorite tourist destinations for beach holidays. The water is very clean and extremely salty, which is very good for health, so rest on the Red Sea coast will bring both pleasure and benefit.

The Mediterranean Sea

Second place in this short top 3 is occupied by the Mediterranean Sea. The water temperature on a weathering summer day can reach thirty degrees. It is the largest in the world and washes three continents and shores of twenty-one countries at once.Therefore, if you want to visit the Mediterranean Sea, there should be no problem with choosing a specific place to relax.

The Dead Sea

It is often called Salty, and ranks third in the ranking of the warmest planets. It washes the shores of three countries: Israel, Jordan and Palestine. The best country for resort recreation is Israel; tourism there is much more developed than the other two states.

The average water temperature is twenty-four degrees Celsius. It is also considered the saltiest in the world, which is a reason to consider the seaside resorts as a place for recreation and recovery.

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