The 27 Best Pirate Places to Visit or Where to Go for an Unforgettable Adventure


There are places in the world where stories about the ships with the Jolly Roger, brutal fights, and one-legged sailors are not just romantic legends, but actual history. And if that’s what you like, then today we are going to tell you about the best pirate vacation destinations where you can go to have this unique experience.

The Best Pirate Places to Visit

Ile Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

Ile Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

This island is located just off the west coast of Madagascar and is famous for its amazing history. Tourists from all over the world flock to this former pirate hideout, where William Kidd visited once. In the 18th century, Ile Sainte-Marie became an ideal pirate getaway, where they entertained ship heists in the Indian Ocean.

Tortuga Island, Madagascar

This pirate haven is famous for French and English pirates, including Henry Morgan. They were called Brethren of the Coast. This small Caribbean pirate island was a pirate base in the 1600s and was the point from where robbers could attack merchant ships. This former pirate fort now is a safe place where you can experience this unreal atmosphere.

Hai Tak, Vietnam

Hai Tak is located near the southwestern coast of Vietnam. This real pirate island is an archipelago that consists of 16 small islands. Although these days you most likely would not find any pirates here, for seafood lovers there is a lot to see and taste.

North Carolina, USA

North Carolina, USA

There are stories of shipwrecks, bloody battles, and treasures along the coast, which fade into the background in comparison to Blackbeard’s deeds. He was tough as a bull, just as wild, and sometimes set fire to his beard with a match to make his enemies fearful. He was smart and fair, and there was no demonstrative murder or torture on his ship.

New Providence, The Bahamas

This Caribbean island was known during the Golden Age of Piracy, when pirates such as John Rackham, Charles Vane, and Benjamin Hornigold were operating in New Providence. You can get to know this story better through the TV series Black Sails.

Salé, Morocco

This famous pirate strongholds is located in western Morocco, at the mouth of the Bouregreg River. Here, famous Barbary pirates built the enclave state today known as the Republic of Sale. The end of the sovereignty of the pirates put the coming to power of the Alaouite dynasty.

Ghar el-Melh, Tunisia

Ghar el-Melh, Tunisia

Located on the northern coast of Tunisia, this pirate location was the stronghold of the Mediterranean corsairs and later the Maltese pirates. From here, they raided and plundered ships that crossed the waters of the Mediterranean.

Port Royal, Jamaica

Pirates like Henry Morgan and Charles Vane spent a lot of time here. Privateers defended this place in return for hefty fees. This incredibly atmospheric place is famous for its debauchery and former brothels.

Barataria Bay

The legendary pirate haunt, where the famous smugglers Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre Laffitte lived. Interestingly, in 1812, Jean Lafitte fought for the United States against a British attack. Thereafter, President Andrew Jackson gave him a full pardon for all of his crimes.

Malta Island

Malta Island

This small island is famous for its rich history spanning several centuries. There were many conflicts between different nations, which often ended in pogroms. It was also a favorite place for pirates.

San Francisco De Campeche, Mexico

Located next to the Gulf of Mexico, it was also a favorite target of pirates. This port city has been regularly attacked in the past due to the wealth lurking there. Subsequently, strong military fortifications were built, and this helped in the fight against the pirate scourge.


The author of the book Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, was detained here by Berber pirates and was held captive for 5 years at the end of the 16th century. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were preoccupied with how to deal with the robbers, which ultimately led to the First Barbary War.

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

This place has long served as a refuge for such famous pirates like Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and John Rackham. Their targets were ships arriving in America. At that time they got for themselves a lot of plundered trophies.

Newport, Rhode Island

This famous pirate port was the starting point for attacks on merchant ships in the Atlantic. Building the reputation of this place as a pirate’s lair was not without Thomas Tew, who accepted the looted goods. But it ended in 1723 when Newport officials executed 26 pirates.


You might recognize the lush jungle of this beautiful place in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. But behind these picturesque landscapes, there is a tragic story. This island was the main target of the pirates, and even the locals suffered from this. There are still several sunken ships off the coast, which tourists happily come to see.



When the pirate Zheng Chenggong drove the Dutch out of Taiwan in 1661, he became a pirate hero. After leaving his hometown, he studied in Fujian and then fought against the Qing dynasty. Zheng Chenggong and his heir made a citadel from Taiwan to fight the dynasty fighters.

Tortuga Island, Haiti

Tortuga is a small turtle-shaped island. Confirming the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the island was indeed a notorious destination because of French and Spanish pirates. The island still attracts historians and archaeologists, but only pristine beaches and old forts await them here.

Havana, Cuba

Pirates often visited this place since in the 1500s it was a major trading port. After another attack, when robbers burned the city to the ground, the Spanish crown decided it was time to strengthen control over the West Indies. Since then, things have gone better and in its place, the locals have rebuilt a new city.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

This place once was a secret haven for pirates, from where they attacked passing ships. The historical ruins and the museum at King George’s Fort remind me of those times. Today Trinidad and Tobago are very popular with tourists seeking peace and tranquility.

Virgin Gorda

Here Blackbeard and William Kidd attacked Spanish merchant ships that happened to sail by. There is a legend that here Blackbeard hid his treasures, and curious tourists come here in search of them.

Saint Croix, USVI

Today it is a popular tourist destination, although some time ago it was a haven for pirates who tripled raids on ships sailing by. Head here to taste the pirates’ favorite drink, Cruzan rum, and experience this breathtaking atmosphere.

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

The islands do not have a long pirate history, but this is not a hindrance to its status as a popular destination. After many scenes from “Pirates of the Caribbean” were filmed here, real pirate fanaticism began. It’s hard not to hear the pirate “yaaarrr” between the streets these days.

Guadeloupe, France

Guadeloupe has been a French colony since the 17th century. The island was an important point in the Caribbean for protecting France from pirate raids. However, this was not a hindrance to Blackbeard. He set fire to the island after stealing a ship full of sugar. Today Guadeloupe is a unique treasure with rich and unspoiled nature.

Clew Bay

In the 16th century, this place was home to one of the most formidable corsair ladies in history. Grace O’ Malley commanded about 20 ships and several hundred people. She ceased her activities in 1574 when her fleet was besieged, and she was forced to retreat.

Gardiners Island, New York

Gardiners Island, New York

While many people want to believe that the pirates actually hid their treasures, these are just rumors. But William Kidd was the one who did it. The owner of this island, John Gardiner, allowed him to bury some valuables here. The loot was later found and taken to Boston. The value of the treasure has exceeded one million dollars.

Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

In 1695, William Kidd was hired by the English governor to curb piracy in the Indian Ocean. But he made a critical mistake. In 1698 he captured the Quedagh Merchant, a French treasure ship. Since England was at war with France, Kidd believed that he had the right to encroach on this ship. However, Kidd was convicted by an English court and executed in 1701.

Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Sometime in 1658, a group of pirates landed at Lynn, among whom was Thomas Veale. Most of them were arrested, but the later managed to escape into the forest. It is rumored that he lived under a huge geological formation, which later became known as the Dungeon Rock.We could give you more names of pirate islands and cities, which are famous for their exciting and at times tragic history, but we think 27 is enough for now! If you are a fan of these stories, then you would like these places. This is a great opportunity to plunge into the golden age of piracy and have this incredible experience. So choose the place you like, pack your bags and go in search of adventure! Perhaps you would be the one to find some hidden treasures.

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